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Worm Gear Box

Worm Gear Box

Manufacturer of Worm Gears

Worm gears manufacturer which are specially used in many heavy machineries is a particular gear in which worm(screw) continuously rubs down with a wheel. We are ISO authorized company, certificates are enclosed in the website for our customers. In this mechanism, wheel is continuously rotated and drove by worm so that power can always be transmitted to the wheel by worm. In manufacturing process of these kinds of gears we try to maintain all the industrial standards materials and applications set by the customers.

Supplier of Worm Gear Box

Worm gear box supplier to 600 satisfied clients. More than 20 years have passed since we began to manufacture and supply machine tools and worm gears. In this period we have not only increased in size and volume but also gained some valuable customers in our list throughout India. We use inspection gears which is special in its capacity to furnish our customers with records of pitch, profile and transmission charts. Our worm gear emphasizes the consistent sliding tooth activity in the middle of worm and the teeth.

Exporter of Worm Gears

Worm gears exporter to Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Australia from Mumbai, India. This builds the resistance for overwhelming loads and stun loads. Our products are used in gate control equipments, lifting machines. Additionally we offer worm gears for lifts, transports etc. Some beneficial points of Worm gears are that it works noiselessly and it is locking toward oneself. It possess less space and also have great lattice adequacy.

Dealer of Worm Gear Box

Worm gear box dealer according to customer's requirement and instruction. We are ensuring all our clients for quality products and services including durability and reliability from our end. We begin the journey of automobile and wheeler components dealer at 1998 from Thane, Mumbai, Maharastra, India.